About us

We are a company dealing with power electronic energy and automation of technological processes in industry and healthcare facilities . Our company owns the concession for the provision of technical services for the protection of persons and property.

Our main objective is reducing of the cost of energy payments (regulation of quarter-hour maximums , regulation of gas daily high by means of wireless transmission ), preventing collisions on the internal energy networks and preventing penalties for failure to comply with the agreed values ​​of power factor. We have actively sought work in the area of ​​preventive measuring of heat load of LV / MV substations , industrial technologies and assessment of buildings. We also provide delivery and installation of smoke detectors and gas leaks detectors , including the evaluation and data processing . For its operation, our company uses high quality measurement apparatus. In the field of measurements, we use the Fluke and Chauvin Arnoux machines, and WELLER WR 3M repair kits in the area of soldering .