Thermal measurement - Non-destructive flaw detection

Our company offers predictive maintenance of LV substations , switchgear and equipment. It also ensures complete evaluation including electronic data processing. Thermovision sensing device is fully radiometric thermal imaging IR series FlexCam ® Ti35

The system is designed primarily to control electrical devices ( see figure # 01 ) , buildings , basic diagnostic equipment, etc. Measurement is designed to effectively and preventively avoid disturbances on the electrical system, in terms of the smooth operation of technology, but also the potential danger of fire. All measurements are contactless, without power supply HV / LV shutdown .

Based on these measurements it is possible to prepare a plan to repair electrical equipment.

Other uses of thermography

screening of buildings - building envelope (assessment of thermal insulation), roofing - water leak detection , detection of moisture - a source of moisture and rate of formation . Another use is monitoring of thermal processes in real time.


Thermovision FLUKE Ti 32

Thermovision FLUKE Ti 35

Basic thermal measurements are performed from 1200 CZK. The total price is determined according to the range of measurement. Regular customers and non-profit organizations (schools , hospitals, offices) are offered discounts.

Smaller events such as insulation of houses, replacement of windows, etc. on the basis of personal ( phone) agreement. Additional requirements and accounting options can be negotiated by phone or e -mail contact