Three-phase analysis of network performance and quality - testing and analysis

Our company offers monitoring of single-phase and three-phase balanced and unbalanced networks. It also ensures complete evaluation including electronic data processing. Analyses are carried out by measuring a set of CA 8334th

Monitoring is designed for fast and efficient detection of defects and deviations of power quality according to standard DIN EN 50160 ed.3. Through analysis it is possible to make adjustments and suggestions of compensation units. An integral part of the measurement is to develop protocols for the exercise. Current transformers are flexible sensors AmpFLEX A193 . The entire measuring set is calibrated.


Imaging of the measurement data is done by using an oscilloscope graph, table or Fresnel diagram.

Fresnel diagram

Harmonic analysis

Power measurement

TRMS 3x phase waveforms including N

In case of interest in monitoring, please contact us , we will tell you the details, including an offer.